Johnny Gargano WWE Fan Takeover Kick Pads Expected to Be Fixed

There is hope that the kick pads on the upcoming Johnny Gargano Fan Takeover action figure will be fixed after all.

During a Saturday night live stream video on Instagram, Mattel WWE marketing director Steve Ozer said “there is a fairly good chance” that the kick pads will be corrected by the time the Fan Takeover Gargano figure makes its way into Walmart stores. Ozer added that the images of the figure shown during the Comic-Con At Home reveals was “just a render.” (H/t to Pro_Wrasslin on Instagram for capturing the conversation.)

After an uproar from collectors after the initial reveals, this is good news and shows that Mattel is listening to collectors. This marks the second notable change after the Comic-Con reveals, following the addition of Rocky Johnson’s chest tattoos.

Still, nothing is certain until these figures are in hand. There’s always a chance that the change doesn’t get made — for example, the Survivor Series Elite Kane isn’t likely to have a belt deco update despite Ozer catching the omission. Nevertheless, there is hope and Ozer is hearing collectors’ concerns.

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