Ricochet’s Height, Viking Raider Erik’s Boots Won’t Be Corrected in WWE Elite 80

Pre-order shipments of WWE Elite 80 may be delayed until mid-October, but the extra time won’t lead to corrections of Ricochet’s height or Viking Raider Erik’s boots.

Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer, in his ongoing Q&A with collectors on the Wrestlingfigs.com forum, wrote that “these won’t be adjusted this time. What was shown was close to final.”

Collectors had called out that Ricochet was too tall since his first time in the line in Elite 69. The One and Only’s subsequent figures in the Network Spotlight and Top Picks lines also went uncorrected. So E80 will mark the fourth Ricochet figure without a corrected height.

Meanwhile, after images of Erik were shown at Comic-Con, collectors noted that the figure’s boots were incorrect.

Although neither Ricochet nor Erik were corrected, Mattel has made revisions of late to the Rocky Johnson Collector’s Edition figure (adding tattoos to his chest) and the Fan Takeover Johnny Gargano may received corrected kick pads.

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