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Comic-Con WWE Survivor Series Reveals: Kane, Drew McIntyre, John Morrison, Samoa Joe

The rumored WWE Survivor Series Elite lineup — Kane, John Morrison, Drew McIntyre and Samoa Joe — turned out to be true.

Kane, in his attire from the 2001 Survivor Series event, is the gem of the set. This is one of the Big Red Machine’s most requested attires, and Mattel has finally come through.

The packaging on the series is sleek, with a nod to the WWE graphics around the “Thanksgiving tradition.”

Kane comes with a Survivor Series scratch logo chair and interchangeable hands, which are the standard now. His wrist gauntlets appear to be removable too, and the long elbow pad makes a return.

The other winner of the set is a flashback John Morrison. Note those True FX sideburns.

Morrison is in his 2007 attire, back from his tag team days with the Miz. Oh, wait. That’s still a thing. Anyway, he comes with the classic blue tag team title that was once pretty rare.

Current WWE World Champion Drew McIntyre also gets another release, and I’d expect many more McIntyre figures to come.

Admittedly, I’m a little disappointed in the lack of updated head sculpt, as this appears to be a double return of his E71 figure. I don’t feel like the E71 or NXT head sculpts fully captured McIntyre. Maybe I’m not picking up on some slight changes. Still, I’d expect Mattel to finally nail it in an upcoming release.

McIntyre comes in his 2018 Survivor Series gear, with a red cloth Team Raw T-shirt

Rounding out the 4-figure lineup is an Elite Samoa Joe figure in his gear from the 2018 Survivor Series.

Joe comes with the blue cutoff Team SmackDown shirt and, of course, a towel. This Joe figure gets the updated head sculpt from the WrestleMania Elite 2-pack with Rey Mysterio, which I believe is his best sculpt to date.

Overall, Kane is a must-get, followed by Morrison. I’ll probably pass on McIntrye and Joe.

The Survivor Series Elite collection has been a Walmart exclusive in the past, with Ringside Collectibles also selling the figures.


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