Chris Jericho Chase AEW Unrivaled Figure Received in Ringside Shipment

The first-known 1 in 1,000 Chris Jericho AEW chase figure has been found. Instagram user Cody_James519 shared photos of the figure, which he received from Ringside Collectibles (h/t Major Wrestling Figure Podcast).

The figure was included in his full-set order from Ringside, instead of the regular series Jericho figure. The chase figure includes an exclusive Inner Circle cloth T-shirt, the AEW World Heavyweight Championship belt and a microphone accessory. Wrestling Figure News is sharing the photos with permission.

In other AEW Unrivaled news, Jazwares partner Jeremy Padawer noted that the reason why collectors who can find the AEW figures in stores aren’t finding Brandi Rhodes is because Kenny Omega was doubled up in early cases and Brandi is shipping “replenishment” cases.

“Yes she is more rare and long term maybe the most valuable,” Padawer wrote on Instagram.

Padawer also shared a pic of the AEW featured placement expected to be in Walmart stores by the end of this week or early next week.

That feature display is already popping up in some areas of the country, especially in Florida. So keep checking Brick Seek and looking.


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