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Comic-Con WWE Fan Takeover Reveals: Wolverine Johnny Gargano, nWo X-Pac, Christian, Randy Orton

On the final day of 2020 Comic-Con reveals, Mattel has given us a glimpse of what’s to come in the second series of the Walmart-exclusive Fan Takeover series. The set is headlined by Johnny Gargano in his Wolverine-inspired attire from NXT Takeover: Toronto, as well as nWo X-Pac, No Way Out 2012 Christian and Evolution Randy Orton.

Although Gargano will is the gem of this set, his kickpads have once again not been corrected. Still, this look is a must-have for me.

Let’s get this out of the way. There was a lot of consternation around the inclusion of the above Christian, which is essentially a re-release of the Best of PPV Toys R Us exclusive from 2013. Many collectors were hoping for the WrestleMania XX attire.

In the rolling Q&A with Action Figure Attack, aka Steve Ozer, Mattel’s associate manager for global brand marketing for the WWE toy line, notable poster Tarver89 asked if that version of Christian, plus Adam Cole in camouflage, would be under consideration for future releases.

Ozer replied that those looks are “on my radar for [future releases] down the road.”

“I know these looks are desired which is why they were in the poll,” he wrote. “I really thought they’d win. The only thing the poll guarantees is that the winning looks will come first.”

Another surprise winner was Randy Orton in these blue tights from his Intercontinental Championship run in 2003. Many collectors had requested his 2004 SummerSlam look in orange tights — from his first World Championship victory over Chris Benoit — but that wasn’t to be. That look is available in basic form.

The final figure in Fan Takeover’s second wave is X-Pac in nWo gear from its 2002 reformation in WWE. This look won out over his 1-2-3 attire and gear from his run in X-Factor. The head sculpt is notably new, eschewing the sculpt with X-Pac sticking out his tongue and molded on bandana.

Look for these in the coming months at Walmart stores.

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