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Comic-Con Reveals: Elite 80 Bayley and Ricochet join Viking Raiders

Heel Bayley will be part of the WWE Elite 80 wave. After reveals of Elite 78 and 79 on Wednesday, Mattel began to reveal future series — although many blanks still remain.

Featured in Elite 80 will be the first Bayley heel action figure, including a popped Bayley buddy. Crying child not included.

In addition to Bayley, a new Ricochet figure was unveiled. It’s unclear if the fourth time will be the charm in fixing Ricochet’s height — an ongoing annoyance for collectors who appreciated Mattel’s past attention to scale. Hopefully, E80 Ricochet also comes with a pair of knee pads.

Bayley and Pretty Ricky join the Viking Raiders — Erik and Ivar — in Elite 80. That leaves two open slots in the set, as well as a Collector’s Edition figure.

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