Comic Con WWE

Comic-Con Reveals: Street Profits, Bianca, Stunning Steve Austin and Mae Young Highlight Elite 81

Elite 81 has the smoke. The first Mattel WWE Elite figures of Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford headline a stacked Elite 81 wave.

Ford comes with a treasure trove of accessories, including crown, vest, red Solo cup, glasses, a chain and gloved hands. Dawkins looks like he comes with a headband and hands.

The current WWE Raw Tag Team Champions are joined in the wave by “Stunning” Steve Austin in his Hollywood Blonds attire from his WCW tag team run with Brian Pillman.

Austin also comes with the first release of the WCW World Tag Team Championship title belt, checking off another major want for legends collectors. Could a Hollywood Blonds Brian Pillman figure be on the way?

An Elite figure of Bianca Belair is also on the way, proving it pays off to be patient and pass on basic figures.

Finally, a Mae Young Collector’s Edition figure will be exclusive to Walmart stores. Young comes with a crown and trophy, as well as an extra set of … hands.

That leaves two slots left to fill in the set.

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