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WWE Elite 79 Pics: Big E, Xavier Woods, Bobby Fish, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

The reveal of WWE Elite 79 turned out to be a tease, as the reveal of the set’s most anticipated figure, NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai, was MIA.

Even without Shirai, the set features maybe the best figures of Big E and Xavier Woods to date, plus a surprise title belt — the UpUpDownDown Championship from Woods’ YouTube show.

I wasn’t a fan of the matching Kofi Kingston figure in Elite 78, but these two figures are solid upgrades over their previous releases as their likenesses are their best yet.

Woods’ dreamscape attire looks sharp. And he comes with an absolutely ridiculous alternative head with sunglasses and blonde highlights.

Verdict: Don’t be sour! Buy Big E and Woods at retail, and feel the power.

Let’s get this out of the way. Both Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan are passes. Neither figure appears to build too much on their previous ones. Reigns comes with a nice array of accessories, including the Universal Championship, an updated chest protector, and an alternate head and hands. But this Reigns offers not much more than his previous releases, aside from removable gauntlets.

Meanwhile, the Elite 79 Daniel Bryan is very similar to the E73 figure, minus the hemp championship belt. The latest Bryan does feature a head sculpt with shorter hair — post-Fiend attack — but that alone isn’t enough to warrant a buy.

Verdict: Hard pass on Reigns and Bryan.

Finally, with no IO to discuss, that leaves former NXT World Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish, who gets the chase figure in the set.

Surprisingly — and thankfully — Fish’s camouflage NXT Takeover War Games attire is NOT the chase figure.

Instead, the camo attire will be the widely available release. Fish also comes with an NXT Tag Team Title, a rubber UE shirt, and multiple hands. Fish’s expression is a big goofy, but the camo attire looks cool and will really pop next to the rest of the UE on those Detolf shelves.

Verdict: Get the camo attire, pass on the chase.


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