WWE New Generation Crowd Funding Update: Macho Man Ultimate Edition Figure, Announcers’ Table Added as Early Bird Bonus

The Macho Man is a needle mover.

Mattel is beefing up its offering for the crowdfunded WWE New Generation Arena project with the addition of an Ultimate Edition “Macho Man” Randy Savage WrestleMania 10 action figure, which includes his WrestleMania X entrance gear with an additional hat and integrated headset, as well as an additional announcer’s headset, announcer’s table with soft goods tablecloth, two monitors, two microphones with the New Generation WWE logo, and two blue folding chairs.

Those additions will go to backers who commit to the project by 9 p.m. PST on Friday, August 13, 2021. So if you were waiting to back the project, there’s no incentive to hold out at this point.

The additions has led to a surge in commitments, as the project now is 29% of the way to getting the minimum 5,000 backers needed to make it a reality. The deadline to hit that number is August 22.

Mattel is asking collectors to put up $250 for the neon entrance way, a retooled scale wrestling ring, and an Ultimate Edition Diesel action figure.

Should the project surge and reach 7,000 backers, that will unlock an Ultimate Edition Doink action figure. Get an additional 1,000 backers, and that unlocks WrestleMania and In Your House rink skirts.

Click here to back the project.

Mattel recently changed payment terms on the project, no longer requiring up-front payment. Instead, a pending charge will appear on accounts. Should the project not meet the minimum 5,00 backers, those who paid will be refunded.

Mattel WWE team members Steve Ozer and Robert Rudman discussed the additions with the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast. Ozer noted that Mattel cut into its marketing budget to add the Macho Man and the announcer set up. Additionally, he said the add ons will ship at the same time as the rest of the project, should it be funded.

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