WWE New Generation Arena Crowd Funding Project 16% Funded with 28 Days to Go

With 28 days to go, the WWE Ultimate New Generation Arena campaign has 812 of the minimum 5,000 backers needed to get the project into production. That’s 16% o the way to getting the project off the ground.

Backers must commit $250 each to the effort, which without hitting any of the stretch goals comes with the iconic LED neon entrance way, an Ultimate Edition Diesel action figure, and a re-scaled and detailed wrestling ring.

Should the project accelerate in the coming days and hit the minimum 5,000 commitments needed, then the focus would be on an additional 2,000 backers hitting the 7,000 threshold to get an Ultimate Edition Doink action figure and then another 1,000 to get the WrestleMania and In Your House ring skirts. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s a long way to go. At the current rate, around 150 new backers a day would be needed to do the bare minimum.

So here’s my plea to those on the fence or holding out until the end to jump in: If you plan on backing the project and can do so, don’t wait.


Making this project come to fruition doesn’t just unlock everything we will receive in this campaign. It opens up future projects, whether that’s the SmackDown fist stage, Hell in a Cell, WCW Monday Nitro set, or whatever. Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer has said “almost everything we want as wrestling figure collectors (within legal and contractual reason) can be possible if this campaign proves to be successful.”

The potential is clearly there, but we need this one to succeed to prove the concept. Without proof of concept, Mattel likely won’t be interested in putting resources behind future projects. Remember Matty Collector? For those who don’t, Mattel Creations is light years of opportunities ahead of what that ever was.

The good news is that it’s still early days. Time is on our side. But this project is going to need an uptick in momentum.

For his part, Ozer is optimistic that the project will be funded. It’s just going to take a community effort.

For those who believe that Ultimate Diesel and Doink might still see a release, think again. Ozer said it’s “highly unlikely” they’ll see the light of day if this isn’t successful.

As for those wondering why Mattel chose the New Generation arena, here’s why. According to Ozer, the neon entrance “is the most requested entrance/stage by far.” He goes into detail on the other reasons why below.

Ozer also explained why the first campaign wasn’t an either/or between the ring and the entrance way.

As for other details. Diesel, and Doink, if unlocked, would come in individual packaging.

As for dimensions, the ring is 21.4 x 21.4.

I’ll keep updating as the project advances. We have until August 22 to get this done. Again, if you’re into this or you want future projects, let’s make this one a success. The secondary market alone for each item is going to be unreal. Mattel never shares production numbers. But with this project, we know if the project is 1-of-5,000, 1-of-7,000 or 1-of-8,000.



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