WWE New Generation Arena Update: 42% Funded with 2 Weeks to Go

With two weeks left in the campaign, the WWE Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena is now 42% funded, with 2,112 of the 5,000 commitments needed to fund the most basic tier of the project.

The project received a boost this week with the addition of an early bird bonus pack for those who commit by August 13: A WrestleMania X “Macho Man” Randy Savage Ultimate Edition action figure and an early 1990s announcers’ playset.

The Macho Man has proven to be a needle mover for the project. My fear though is if the campaign doesn’t reach 5,000 commitments by the August 13 deadline for the Macho Man add-on pack, then the project’s momentum may stall once again. I’d encourage Mattel to extend that deadline given that many people get paid on the first and the 15th of each month.

At its most basic level, Mattel is asking collectors to plunk down $250 for the neon entrance way, a retooled scale wrestling ring, and an Ultimate Edition Diesel action figure.

Should the 5,000 threshold be met, then the attention turns to unlocking other add ons such as an Ultimate Doink action figure at 7,000 units sold and additional ring skirts (WrestleMania and In Your House) at 8,000 units by the final August 22 deadline. There’s still a long way to go to get there though and I’d hope Mattel considers extending the deadline to the end of the month rather than a seemingly arbitrary deadline.

Click here to back the project.

Financial breakdown of the New Generation Arena project via Mattel WWE senior copywriter Robert Rudman


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