Mattel Adjusts Payment Terms for Ultimate WWE New Generation Arena, Won’t Charge Upfront

Mattel is no longer requiring payment upfront to back the WWE Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena project.

Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer announced the change in payment terms today, which hopefully will give the project a shot in the arm.

“We heard your concerns over being charged upfront and the issue has now been resolved. If the project meets its minimum goal, payment will be processed once the campaign closes,” Ozer wrote on social media. “If you’ve already backed the project, thank you!!! You can leave your current charge as is or you can contact customer service to update to the current method.”

Here’s the official wording: “By backing this project, I agree to the Terms of Sale. I hereby authorize Mattel to place a pending charge on my payment account. If the project isn’t fully backed by the campaign end date, this pending charge will not be processed. For more information, see our FAQs.”

The pending charge is similar to those with other retailers.

Mattel is asking collectors to put up $250 for the neon entrance way, a retooled scale wrestling ring, and an Ultimate Edition Diesel action figure. The project will be fully funded at a minimum of 5,000 backers.

As of this writing, 930 of the minimum 5,000 backers have committed to the project. That’s 18% funded. And the number continues to tick up.

Should the project surge and reach 7,000 backers, that will unlock an Ultimate Edition Doink action figure. Get an additional 1,000 backers, and that unlocks WrestleMania and In Your House rink skirts.

Click here to back the project.


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