AEW Unrivaled 6 Render Reveals: Penta, Fenix, MJF, Jericho, Hager, Shida

Jazwares will be revealing renders of AEW Unrivaled 6 today.

The sixth wave of AEW action figures includes Penta El Zero M, Rey Fenix, MJF, Chris Jericho, Jake Hager (f.k.a. Jack Swagger), and Hikaru Shida.

The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast offered a sneak peek on Thursday of Penta El Zero M.

Penta El Zero M features a new head sculpt with a more neutral look than his wave two figure pictured below.

UPDATE: Jazwares partner Jeremy Padawer kicked off the reveals with the first-time-in-the-line figure of Hikaru Shida.

The third Chris Jericho action figure in the line features a more expressive, angry sculpt.

This marks Jake Hager’s first figure since his time with WWE.

MJF gets an updated look in the series, as well.

Fenix also gets a new smiling sculpt.

Check back for more images as the day progresses.

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