Second Chance: Mr T. vs. Roddy Piper, Bubbly Chris Jericho in Stock at Ringside

If you missed out on the Mr. T. vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper WWE Elite 2-pack or A Little Bit of the Bubbly Chris Jericho, you have another shot at picking up these limited edition sets.

Ringside Collectibles recently restocked both.

The WrestleMania 2 retro pack featuring Mr. T and Piper is available for $49.99 (10% off with code wfigs). Click here to order.

Meanwhile, the AEW Unrivaled line’s first Ringside exclusive of Le Champion, with AEW World Championship and a whole catering set of accessories, sells for $34.99 (10% too). Click here to order.

Finally, if you missed out on the War Games playset, it’s available on back order for $89.99, with a late May ship date. Order here.

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