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Walmart Delays WWE Decade of Domination Pre-Order Shipments for 2nd Time

The distribution problems continue for wrestling action figures.

Pre-order shipments of Mattel’s first wave of WWE Decade of Domination Elite figures have once again been delayed, as Walmart sent notices to customers today saying the series has been pushed back until October 30.

Via Walmart: “We wanted to let you know that your preorder item release date has changed. The updated release date is 10/30/2020. Please review your order details below. We’re sorry if this date change is an inconvenience. The product manufacturer controls the release date for this product and we’ll ship it to you as quickly as we can once it’s released.”

This is the second delay related to wave one of Decade of Domination. In mid-August, Walmart alerted customers that  pre-orders were delayed until today, September 30. Pre-orders for the first wave of five figures — John Cena, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Natalya and Mark Henry — first went up on April 2. All eventually sold out.

Nevertheless, not everyone is experiencing delays. Wrestling Figure News Source reported that some figures, namely Randy Orton, have shipped.

Other collectors reported on the forum that their orders had been canceled.

So far, the celebration of the 10-year partnership between Mattel and WWE has been dampened by the delays. 

Decade of Domination Wave 2 — featuring Triple H, Kane, Kofi Kingston, Big Show and Beth Phoenix — is slated to ship on December 1.

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