AFA Q&A: Mattel Working on 2022 WWE Lineup, Hollywood Hogan Ultimate Shirt, Thunderdome

Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer (aka Action Figure Attack) recently held an unboxing event on Instagram — cracking open the new Survivor Series Elite series and the Ultimate Edition John Cena figure — and also answered some collector questions in the process.

Among the highlights from the Q&A, Ozer said Mattel’s WWE team is already working on lineups for 2022. He added that only a fraction of 2021’s lineups have been revealed thus far.

More reveals are on the horizon, including at a possible RingsideFest in the coming months, as well as on WWE.com.

Here are a few more notes from the Q&A:

The “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan Ultimate Edition figure will come with a soft good tearaway shirt, as well as a weight belt, multiple heads, hands, nWo Championship belt and more.

Asked why the Ultimate Fiend’s jacket is sculpted instead of cloth, Ozer said the team decided that the sculpted look was better due to the detail on the jacket. He added that deco for The Fiend is expensive, so it’s challenging to add accessories.

The Ultimate Fiend’s championship will have sculpted details though. It’s unclear if the belt on his waist will be sculpted or painted.

Additionally, Ozer said is in the rolling Wfigs Q&A thread that the intention for the Ultimate Fiend is to have larger arms.

The Survivor Series Elite series is not exclusive to any particular retailer, so they could be sold by Ringside Collectibles in addition to Target, Walmart, etc.

Masters of the WWE Universe, however, will remain exclusive to Walmart in the U.S. In international markets, it will depend on retailers.

It’s possible future Elite Cena figures will include the removable wristbands. However, Cena’s shoes won’t have the pump up deco due to it being the intellectual property of Reebok.

Future Cena figures are likely to be more throwbacks due to Cena not being as active on the WWE circuit. So expect more classic shirts. There will be more Cenas, Ozer assured everyone.

The beard on the Goldberg WrestleMania Elite looks good. Ozer recently saw a sample

Nothing new on Sting Legends 7. The figure is ready to go whenever it’s clear to release.

No update on why the Walmart exclusive Decade of Domination series has been delayed.

As for future Ultimate Edition figures of The Undertaker, Kane and Jeff Hardy, Ozer said they each make sense and will hopefully find their way into the line.

On future Roderick Strong and Ciampa figures … there’s no reason Roddy and Tommaso won’t return to the line. Give it time.

Bald Shawn Michaels is possible.

Ozer called Aldo Montoya perfect for Collectors Edition line.

Asked about a potential Thunderdome playset, Ozer said he’d like to see it executed in some way but didn’t offer any definite plans for making it come to fruition.

Ozer also broke some bad news: Belt packs are on hold for at least a year.

Finally, in the rolling Wfigs Q&A thread, Ozer said a Fabulous Moolah figures is “not likely.”

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