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Super 7 Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Pre-Orders Begin; New Proto Pics of Matt Cardona, Brian Myers

The wait is over to pre-order the Super 7 Ultimate figures of Major Wrestling Figure Podcast hosts Matt Cardona and Brian Myers. However, the wait to add them to your Detolf shelves will be just beginning with a projected ship date of August 2021.

Both Super 7 ($45 each), Ringside Collectibles ($44.99 each or $88.99 for the set) and Wrestling Figure Shop ($44.99 each) are offering the pre-orders. If you want them, I’d suggest getting them from Ringside, as you can use the discount code wfigs to get 10% off, or Wrestling Figure Shop, which you can earn points from on purchases.

During a special edition of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast today, Cardona said the figures will only be available for pre-order for the next 30 days on Super 7’s site. However, I don’t believe the window will be so short for pre-orders from Ringside, as Super 7 ran a similar pre-order process with the New Japan Pro Wrestling Ultimates and those remain available for pre-order on Ringside and Entertainment Earth.

Yes, the $45 price tag is steep compared to anything Mattel or Jazwares produces — including the WWE Ultimate Edition line — but these are premium figures that come with multiple heads, several hands and unique accessories, including soft goods entrance attires.

Super 7 is also a specialty retailer that isn’t at the scale of either of the other companies. Being small has its advantages though, as Cardona and Myers are very involved in the process of creating the figures, and so they should be extremely accurate representations of them.

Accessories include Major Wrestling Figure Podcast microphones, dog tags and toy action figures — yes, mini action figures of the very action figure you buy.

Myers also comes with a mask and a soft goods vest, while Cardona comes with “broski bucks” and a soft goods vest.

The Super 7 Ultimate line figures are around 7-inches tall, so they’re in-scale with Mattel WWE Elite and Jazwares AEW Unrivaled action figure lines.

Here’s a look at the packaging, with a call out to “scratch that figure itch.” If you’re a fan of Cardona and Myers, these figures are must-haves.

Supporting this line also ensures that Super 7 stays in the wrestling figure business. The San Francisco-based toy maker already has plans to make Ultimate figures of Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, as well as a third wave of New Japan figures.


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