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Comic-Con WWE Basic 111 Reveals: Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt, Jeff Hardy, Kevin Owens, Nikki Cross and Rowan

The final set of Mattel WWE Comic-Con reveals included a Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt that just might be better than the Ringside Exclusive.

Wyatt is the headliner of WWE Basic Series 111. His figure comes in a molded sweater.

Compare these shots with the Ringside exclusive.

This might be the rare case in which the Basic trumps an Elite.

Nevertheless, here’s a look at the packaging.

This is a one-figure set for me. But let’s run down the rest of the set, starting with Nikki Cross, who is the variant in the set. However, her blue and pink attire will be the more widely available figure. Cross gets a new head sculpt and new hairstyle.

Speaking of updated sculpts, Kevin Owens’ updated look — and new tats — find their way into this basic wave

Jeff Hardy will indeed get more figures with this Frankenstein’s monster-is look.

Erick Rowan also gets a send-off figure from his time as Daniel Bryan’s heavy. Add your own heavy metal logo to his shirt.

Finally, for those who need it, here’s a look at the back of the package. Basic 111 is up for pre-order now on Ringside Collectibles with an early August ship date.

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