Scott Steiner WWE Ultimate Figure Added to WCW Nitro Crowdfunding Project Base Offering

Mattel is trying to juice the WCW Monday Nitro stage crowdfunding project by adding the Ultimate Edition Scott Steiner figure to the baseline offering of the stage and a Rey Mysterio Ultimate Edition figure at 5,000 purchases.

Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer teased the addition of an extra figure earlier this week, starting with a poll that Big Poppa Pump easily won and then Thursday evening with a countdown until today.

After the early bird Hulk Hogan backer deadline was missed, eliminating that figure from the project, new backers to the project slowed considerably and largely stalled at 40% funded (2,021 backers).

Guaranteeing at least two figures in the project could help push the project over the top, especially with a first-time-in-the-line character whose first figure is an Ultimate. Steiner, who was originally slated to be unlocked at 9,000 purchases, is among the missing links in Mattel WWE collectors’ collections.

The base project unlocks at 5,000 backers, with a $400 price tag. Additional unlockable characters include Diamond Dallas Page (7,000 backers) the Ultimate Warrior (9,000), and Hulk Hogan (11,000). The Warrior was moved up from the 11,000 backer range to 9,000, definitely within an achievable goal.

Notably, the New Generation Arena snowballed in momentum on the final day of the Macho Man Randy Savage early bird offer, gaining 4,000 purchases on the final day of that offer at around 8,011 purchases. The entire New Generation Arena project wrapped with 8,505 orders.

Twenty-one days remain to fund the WCW Monday Nitro stage, concluding on May 6. Follow this link to back the Nitro stage project.

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