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Breaking News Podcast: Scott Steiner Ultimate Added to WCW Nitro Stage Crowdfund

This breaking news edition of the Wrestling Figure News Podcast breaks down the addition of the Ultimate Edition Scott Steiner figure to the base offering for the WCW Monday Nitro stage crowdfunding project at 5,000 purchases for the stage and an Ultimate Rey Mysterio. Plus, we analyze the updated tiers.

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  1. Justin, you are correct i believe its a great deal but i also feel this might of been better off releasing it next year. I say that because there are a lot of people that are holding on to their money because of the economy, Mattel had mentioned this was a 7 year project in the making, well what’s one more year haha.

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    1. Definitely a fair point and I get that everyone isn’t as flush with stimy checks these days. The counter to that is maybe inflationary costs for materials to make this be more next year/ But I’m not sure. Thanks for listening!


  2. I ain’t buying it. It’s 400. Crowdfund #1 was much better. They could have given us all NWOmembers if they wanted 11,000 backers. Outsiders, Syxxx, Buff Bagwell, Norton….how bout Rodzilla? They’re just a buncha damn swindlers. They know we’re desperate and pathetically hooked. It’s entrapment. They need to add the stupid ring w Bischoff last minute if they want to save it.


  3. Decent gesture but it’s likely too little and way too late. The Steiner announcement brought in, what, two or three DOZEN new backers? Basically, no change.

    Any hope of this happening must include every figure and then some at this $400 price. The cost is simply too high.

    Mattel really took their customers for granted on this one.


  4. Hey Justin! Thanks for mentioning my channel/show “A Toy Kinda Mood” on your podcast! You have a new Spotify subscriber 🙂 I’ll be addressing my PoV on the show on Wednesday along with a few Ultimate Edition unboxings.

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