This Week in Wrestling Figures: Cody Rhodes on WWE Comic-Con Panel, Dynamite Kid 7-Inch MOC Images

Mattel WWE Elite Squad Panel: Cody, Ciampa, Zelina and More

Cody Rhodes is slated to take part in the Mattel WWE Elite Squad panel at San Diego Comic-Con in just nine days, and you know what that means. We’re likely to get a first look at the renders of the first Mattel WWE “American Nightmare” Cody figures. 

Cody had been rumored for an upcoming basic wave, but you gotta believe we’ll see at least an Elite render.  

Also joining this year’s panel is Tommaso Ciampa, Zelina Vega and of course the Mattel WWE team of Steve Ozer and Bill Miekina. The Mattel WWE panel is slated for Thursday, July 21, at 2:15 p.m. ET. 

Reveals will likely start with preview night on July 20. So get ready for a wild one next week. 

Dynamite Kid Chella 7-Inch MOC Photos

The long-awaited photos of Chella’s first Uncensored 7-inch action figure hit last week with MOC photos of the Dynamite Kid. It’s unclear how soon “soon” is for this one’s arrival, but this is the first major sign of progress in quite some time.

Chella Rhythm & Blues Greg Valentine Pre-Orders Coming

July 22 is going to be a wallet breaker. Chella’s Rhythm & Blues Greg Valentine is slated to go up for pre-order via Wrestling Trader in the U.K. and Figure Collections in the U.S.

Chella BCA-Style Figure Update

Chella also offered an update on its Bone Crushing Wrestlers line, with new images of the forthcoming Adam Bomb action figure. Prototypes are complete and the factory is running through the bone crushing tech.

Chella noted that the first three series of figures are lined up, so more to come.

Ringside Top 10: Elite 96 Takes Over

You can tell WWE Elite 96 went up for pre-order last week. The latest Ringside top 10 features four from that wave, with ponytail Brock Lesnar topping the charts.

AEW Unmatched 4 CM Punk is also in demand, even on backorder.

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