Comic Con WWE

No Holds Barred WWE Ultimate Edition 2-Pack Available July 22 Via Mattel Creations

The rumors are true. Hulk Hogan — and more importantly, Zeus — from their epic 1989 movie No Holds Barred are the 2022  San Diego Comic-Con exclusive action figures. This Ultimate Edition 2-pack will be available on-site at the con as well as at noon ET on July 22 via MattelCreations. The cost: $70, with a limit of two per customer.

These Ultimates come with everything you’d expect: extra heads, hands, championships, cloth gear, etc.

The packaging on this one is what you’d expect from the Mattel WWE team on a Comic-Con exclusive, which is to say A+++. Yes, that’s the Human Wrecking Machine and the Hulkster — I mean, Rip — facing off in a VHS tape. This is pure nostalgia for kids of the 1980s and I need it ASAP. 

Mattel also went all out with a stop-motion reactions of the epic movie showdown. Every year, Mattel finds a way to outdo themselves — first with Slim Jim Macho Man, then the very first Mr. T figure, and then Ultimate Edition Sgt. Slaughter. 

Update those Mattel Creations profiles so you’ll be ready when the clock strikes 12 ET on the 22nd. 

The announcement was part of Mattel’s 12 Days of Fandom. Here’s a look at the set.


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