Brodie Lee 1-of-1,000 AEW Figure to be Comic-Con Exclusive

You gotta be in San Diego to snag this figure.

If you want the first Jazwares AEW Comic-Con exclusive action figure, the only way to get it is by attending the con in-person in San Diego (well, other than the secondary market for ungodly prices).

Jazwares’ Jeremy Padawer shared that news and then the toy maker dropped the news on which figure would be that exclusive: a repaint of Brodie Lee.

The figure will be 1-of-1,000 and feature a never-before-released attire. The packaging on this figure is pretty tight, which we’ve come to expect from Jazwares. Still, I’m having a hard time getting excited about this figure, which is a good thing for my wallet.

I also can’t pretend to be happy that it’ll only be available at San Diego Comic-Con. A lot of companies have figured out how to make these exclusives more widely available. Then again, I’m thankful this is a repaint and not something I’ve been dying to see in the line.

No word on price yet. Are you feeling this exclusive? Let me know.

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