This Week in Wrestling Figures: WWE New Gen Arena Ships From Factory; Minoru Suzuki Preview; Rumored WWE Elite 98 Lineup & More

New Gen set is on a boat to the U.S.

New Gen Arena Hits the Water

Mattel Creations’ WWE New Generation Arena has shipped from the overseas factory meaning “they’re complete and on the water,” Mattel WWE marketing director Steve Ozer shared on the WrestlingFigs.com forum. That means the set — which includes Ultimate Edition figures of Diesel, Doink the Clown and “Macho Man” Randy Savage — are on schedule to ship by late summer.

So it’s time to get excited and figure our where the hell you’re going to put this giant set in your house.

Ozer dropped a few other nuggets, including:

  • Comic Con will be back in full effect with the panel reveals and case set up in San Diego;
  • The Ruthless Aggression Elite line will include more than just single figures;
  • Greatest Hits opens the door to cool upgrades, so long as series 1 sells well;
  • On how Greatest Hits figures were chose: “We chose figures that had some collector demand from the past, some Design favorites, and figures that could benefit from True FX and double jointed elbow upgrades;”
  • Purple strap WWE Winged Eagle almost made it into the 2023 releases, but it didn’t pan out;
  • More WWE Ultimates will be released in 2023;
  • Multiple Hulk Hogan figures are in development;
  • Acolytes have been updated to matching gear.
Grandpa is ready to fight your figures.

Storm Collectibles Shows Off Minoru Suzuki Figure

Cue the Kaze Ni Nare and prepare for your entire collection of wrestling figures to tremble in fear as murder grandpa is on his way.

Storm Collectibles previewed the upcoming Minoru Suzuki 7-inch action figure, which will be sold through Ringside Collectibles. Ringside offered it’s own preview as well.

Tongue out, guns out.

Oh, man. Crisis of conscience on choosing which of these heads to display with. Cannot wait for “The Man with the Worst Personality in the World.”

Speaking of New Japan Pro Wrestling, while interviewing Super 7 head honcho Brian Flynn and explaining why their upcoming Super 7 Ultimates figures are $75 each, the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast’s Matt Cardona and Brian Myers essentially got the info we pretty much all expected: Super 7’s NJPW line is dead.

HOWEVER … Flynn shared that what would have been NJPW wave 3 may now be Independent Wrestlers wave 3.

“We’re trying to get most of those wrestlers on their own, to do individual figures” Flynn said. “Three out of four seem very receptive to it.”

Flynn added that Super 7 may add some additional legends figures in 2023.

This fold out is money.

Cameron Grimes RSC Exclusive Photos

Ringside shared images of the upcoming exclusive Cameron Grimes Elite action figure. Credit to Mattel for these fold outs, which are a huge upgrade. Give us more, Mattel.

You want chest hair deco? You got it.
Those dollar bills are going to look great in the Million Dollar Man’s hands.

After seeing these, I’m ready to go to the moon with this figure. Pre-orders are live now at Ringside, with a mid-September ship date.

Bah gawd! Boomer Sooner makes it into the AEW line.

MOC AEW Jim Ross RSC Exclusive

Ringside also shared images of the upcoming exclusive Jim Ross AEW commentator figure. This one is set for late September and still on pre-order No. 1.

This NWA U.S. Championship needs to be in my collection.

PowerTown NWA U.S. Championship Digital Render

PowerTown keeps dropping nuggets on us and the latest is a digital render of the NWA U.S. Championship belt that will come with the Magnum TA 7-inch figure when the line launches.

NXT War Games Playset Gets Another Release

What’s Butch doing in NXT?

The WWE NXT War Games playset is getting another release, this time with a figure of a guy that looks a lot like Butch. But that is totally not Butch. No, that’s the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne.

Vampiro Renders

Rumored WWE Lineups: E98, Basic 136

Wrestling Figure News Network dropped a couple of rumored lineups, one for WWE Elite 98 and and one for Basic 136. Those lineups reportedly include:

Basic 136 Rumored Lineup

  • Cody Rhodes
  • Xia Li
  • Goldberg
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Bobby Roode

Elite 98 Rumored Lineup

  • Big E
  • Randy Orton
  • Finn Balor
  • Mandy Rose
  • Rick Boogz
  • Farooq Asad
Mean Mark and Chyna are on clearance.

In Stores: Target Clearancing Figs

If you’ve been waiting on picking up WWE Legends figures of Chyna and “Mean” Mark Callous, they’re now on clearance at Target. I picked up one for $9.99 and the other for $11 and change.

AEW figures were also marked down to $10 and change at Target and the WWE Ultimate Batista is plentiful.

Adrenaline, in my soul. Unmatched 4 Cody Rhodes pre-orders shipping now.

AEW Unmatched 4 pre-orders are shipping now from Ringside, so the figures in the set — aside from CM Punk and Jade Cargill, which are on backorder — should be popping up in-stock soon.

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