WWE Ultimate Edition Diesel, Doink In-Package Mock-Ups Revealed

Mattel shared mock-up images today of the forthcoming WWE Ultimate Edition Diesel and Doink action figures today that will be included in the New Generation Arena crowd-funding project.

Both figures will exclusively be available through the Mattel Creations project, and the deadline to get them is Sunday, August 23. As of this writing, 8,200 units have been sold, completely unlocking the arena, which comes with a properly scaled wrestling ring, light-up neon entrance way, figures of Diesel and Doink, and extra ring skirts. Order yours today for $250.

For collectors who ordered by August 13, they will receive a bonus: an Ultimate Edition WrestleMania X “Macho Man” Randy Savage action figure and a classic announcers’ table playset. No mock-ups were not yet available for the early bird package.

Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer discussed the project and future WWE crowd-funded offerings — and much more — with WrestlingFigureNews.com. Watch the interview below in which he confirms that Diesel will receive wrist tape deco and an elbow pad.

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