Watch: Mattel WWE Marketing Manager Steve Ozer Discusses Unlocking the New Generation Arena, Relaunching Retros, & More

The WWE Ultimate New Generation Arena project is now fully unlocked. Mattel WWE marketing manager drops by WrestlingFigureNews.com to discuss how injecting Macho Madness into the crowd-funded project led to more than 8,000 units sold. Click here to buy your own.

Ozer discusses the next steps as the project heads into production, the future of WWE crowd-funded projects, and the details of what exactly collectors unlocked, from deco tweaks to Diesel to the customizability of the ring., to breaking down the forbidden door of playsets.

Ozer also offers insights into future WWE Mattel Creations projects and offerings, including the relaunch of Retros, the price point for the figures, the frequency of releases and the execution of those figures.

The conversation then turns to the future of the Ultimate Edition line, and the chances that previously announced Elite figures of Bronson Reed and the Fiend, as well as Remco-style figures of Ric Flair and Bray Wyatt will come to fruition.

Watch the video above, and subscribe to catch future interviews.

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