WWE New Generation Arena Doink, Ring Skirts Unlocked; Macho Man Ultimate 1 of 8,011

Mattel’s first WWE crowd sourced project is a resounding success following a hot tag to the “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

The Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena playset was fully unlocked last night, with the project surging in the days after the addition of the early bird add on package, which included an Ultimate Edition “Macho Man” Randy Savage action figure and classic announcers’ playset.

At the close of the deadline for the early bird Macho Man package Friday, the project reached 8,011 commitments, making that add on set 1-of-8,011 as Twitter user Pickett Pride pointed out. Let that sink in, just 8,011 WrestleMania X Macho Man figures will be produced.

The project was at 75% funded Friday morning and as Sports305Fan noted, gained 4,244 new orders over the last 24 hours. That rush of new orders unlocked the Ultimate Edition Doink action figure and the additional ring skirts (WrestleMania and In Your House), and for those who committed by midnight, the Macho Man package.

There are still eight days left in the campaign. With Macho Man off the table, new orders have slowed. As of this writing, there are now 8,066 units sold at the $250 price. If you’d like to back the project, click this link.

With the New Generation Arena a success, attention will turn to future projects. The next campaign is likely to come in 2022, probably around either WrestleMania or Comic Con time. We’ll have more on that next week. But the future is definitely wide open with possibilities now that this project has been funded.


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