Cody and Dustin Rhodes ‘Blood Brothers’ 2-Pack Up for Pre-Order at Ringside Collectibles

If you want blood, you got it. Jazwares is embracing the “blood and guts” of AEW. The next AEW Unrivaled Ringside Collectibles exclusive is up for pre-order now, featuring reissues of the series one Cody Rhodes and series two Dustin Rhodes action figures. However, both figures are covered in blood, commemorating their bloody Double or Nothing showdown.

The 2-pack retails for $49.99, with an expected ship date of early December.

I recently received AEW Unrivaled series 2 and some figures in the wave seem to be out of scale, including Dustin Rhodes, who towers over other figures in the line. In real life, Dustin is 6-foot-6-inches tall, while Cody is 6-foot-one-inches tall.

The height differential is pretty clear too in the images posted by Ringside.

Still, the detail on Rhodes’ figure — from the face paint and body suit to the tattoos — is impressive detail work.

In recent Q&A sessions, Jazwares partner Jeremy Padawer said figures with crimson masks would be coming. Who knew it would be so soon?


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