Ringside Fest: WrestleMania 12 Ultimate Warrior Ringside Exclusive Coming Soon

The next Ringside Collectibles exclusive WWE Elite figure will be the Ultimate Warrior in his WrestleMania 12 ring attire.

The figure will come with a duster, featuring artwork from Warrior’s 1990s comic book, which was true to the event. WrestleMania 12 marked Warrior’s return to the WWE after about four years, albeit a short run.

Warrior  squashed Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley) at the 1996 event.

Mattel WWE team Steve Ozer and Bill Miekina noted that the final figure will feature fringe on the wristbands.

The figure will also feature the updated tassels that were tooled for the Ultimate Edition action figure.

No word yet on when the figure will be available for pre-order.

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