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Next Storm Collectibles Jyushin Thunder Liger Figure to Hit US in December

The next Storm Collectibles Jyushin “Thunder” Liger action figure is expected to be released in Japan in November and begin shipping to the U.S. in December, according to the New Japan blog.

The next Liger — a tribute to his final years in the ring following Liger’s retirement in January 2020 — will be sold in the U.S. by Ringside Collectibles. The figure is not yet available for pre-order.

The 7-inch Liger figure comes with four interchangeable hands and a  wired cape for posing.

Previous Liger figures representing his most iconic look, as well as in black and gold and blue attires sold out quickly. Those figures retailed for as much as $74.99 on Ringside Collectibles.

If you missed on those, don’t sleep on this Liger. These figures are must haves.

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