Ringside Collectibles Teases AEW Unrivaled Cody, Chris Jericho Chase Figures

Ringside Collectibles  recently shared teaser videos on Instagram for the AEW Unrivaled 1-in-1,000 chase Chris Jericho and 1-in-500 Cody Rhodes figures.

The teases led collectors to ask if the largest dedicated online retailer of wrestling action figures would be offering these on its site.

“We have very few pieces of these,” Ringside wrote. ” Some were shipped out with random orders, some will be made available for sale as we have always done with the Mattel chase figures. customers tell us they appreciate when we offer the chase figures for sales separately.”

Ringside added that it would offer more details soon.

Jazwares partner Jeremy Padawer offered some insight into the chase figures as well during a recent Instagram live video. He explained that chase figures were randomized into master cartons of figures, with each master carton containing six figures. Basically, for a 1-in-500 figure, one in every 30 cartons gets one.

“That’s why it’s so difficult to get those things,” he said. 

Padawer recently gave away his chase Cody figure.

Influencers have also received the figures from Ringside.

Major Wrestling Figure Podcast co-host Brian Myers showed off one of each that he received from Ringside.

And his co-host, Matt Cardona, also received a pair.

Comic Book’s Jim Viscardi also showed off a Cody from Ringside.

At least one random collector received the chase Jericho in a shipment from Ringside, as Wrestling Figures News reported. Checking eBay listings, it doesn’t appear like the figures have found their way to the secondary market yet.

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