WWE Elite Royal Rumble Series to Continue in 2021; No Chase Figures in Fan Takeover Line

The Royal Rumble WWE Elite series will continue in 2021. Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer confirmed that the 4-figure series will return in early 2021 during an Instagram live unboxing of WWE Elite Series 78.

Ozer said the next wave will be revealed soon, but didn’t offer more details on whether the series will be exclusive to Target again.

During the Q&A portion of the video, Ozer admitted that he was unsure of why the arms on WWE Elite 78 Matt Riddle ended up way too small. He said he’s noted the issue and future Riddle figures will have revised arms.

Other notes:

  • There will not be chase variants within the WWE Elite Fan Takeover Walmart exclusive line.
  • The New Day Elite figures in Elite 78 and 79 do not come with entrance gear as a budget move. That kind of deco work is expensive.
  • Ozer continues to advocate for the release of an Elite Marlena figure.
  • Finally, Ozer provided some insight into how figures are slotted into lineups, with Mattel holding a couple of spots for “quick-turn figures” that don’t need a lot of tooling.

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