WWE Mattel Notes: Owen Hart Figure ‘Highly Unlikely’; Future Masters Lineups to Lean on Legends

An Owen Hart WWE Mattel action figure is “highly unlikely,” Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer confirmed during a Q&A over the weekend.  This isn’t new news. It’s been known for awhile that Hart’s widow, Martha Hart, has no interest in working with WWE, and thus, Owen Hart merchandise via the world’s largest wrestling organization isn’t likely to ever be produced again.

Ozer answered collectors’ questions while unboxing the first wave of the Walmart exclusive Decade of Domination figures and the first wave of Masters of the Universe Origins,  and he provided confirmation of what has long been known about Hart’s lack of future in the WWE Mattel line.

Ozer said the list of former superstars who are unlikely to make it into a WWE Mattel lineup also includes the Fabulous Moolah and Scott Steiner, which quick Google searches will likely provide answers as to why they won’t.

Other figures Mattel cannot produce at this time — but maybe in the future — include Jeff Jarrett, Giant Gonzalez, Gangrel, CM Punk and the Gobbledy Gooker.

Ozer provided more insights during the Q&A. Here are a few additional notes:

The San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Mr. T was supposed to feature shorter boots. Mattel WWE lead designer Bill Miekina had submitted shorter boots, but Mattel’s team in China switched the boots to taller ones. Future Mr. T figures should reflect corrected boots and height. 

Speaking of Mr. T, Ozer said a few more figures of the A-Team and Rocky III star were made than the Slim Jim “Macho Man” Randy Savage exclusive figure. But the figure is still in shorter production than main line figures.

Masters of the WWE Universe lineups in the future will lean more toward WWE Legends.

The updated Intercontinental Championship title belt should be appearing in the line “fairly soon.”

Immediate staining from cloth accessories should not be an issue on future figures, like it was with the Elite 77 “Ravishing” Rick Rude figure.

The upcoming Elite 82 John Morrison figure will come with an entrance robe. The Elite 81 Mae Young Collector’s Edition figure might also come with an entrance jacket,

The forthcoming Top Picks Elite The Fiend Bray Wyatt will feature the praying hands deco on his singlet. 

Ruthless Aggression era figures will be represented in the line moving forward.

An unmasked Rey Mysterio figure would be cool to do, Ozer said, and Mattel could pursue it as long as Mysterio is available to the toy maker.

The Ultimate Warrior will appear in the line at least once a year as long as he remains available to Mattel.

A modern day Ric Flair figure is a possibility. 

A Triple H figure with a handlebar mustache is “a must” at some point. 

Ozer would like to see Keith Lee with his Black Lives Matter attire from NXT Takeover: In Your House.

Among the non-WWE talents not available to Mattel that Ozer would like to make is Jeff Cobb.

Mattel is already working on figures for 2022

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