Action Figure Theater

Action Figure Theater: WWE Stage Creator Imagines Moxley vs. Rollins; My Damn Toys Ranks AEW Unrivaled

What if Jon Moxley — not Dean Ambrose — wrestled Seth Rollins? WWE Stage Creator brought the showdown of former Shield brothers to life in a bloody and chaotic I Quit Match.

Wrestling Hero Figz mashed up some WWE Elite and AEW Unrivaled figures, so you can get a look at how the AEW figure heads look on Mattel bodies along with some other fixups.

Everyone on YouTube apparently received their AEW Unrivaled orders from Ringside Collectibles. My Damn Toys rates the first wave of figures from worst to best and also reviews them.


My Damn Toys also showed off his massive figure collection and display, including several custom figures.

Meanwhile, on the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) unboxes the AEW wrestling ring … in a wrestling ring, and MJF makes a cameo.

Finally, Vtrigger Figs reviews WWE Legends 7 Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Razor Ramon.

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