AEW Unrivaled Update: ‘Logjam’ in Walmart Stores Beginning to Break; Ramp up Expected Early This Week

Jazwares partner Jeremy Padawer continues to provide daily updates on the availability of the first wave of AEW Unrivaled action figures in brick-and-mortar Walmart stores. The latest from Padawer is that “the logjam in store sets is breaking” … and “we can expect our biggest ramp up Monday-Wednesday.”

However, if that doesn’t come to fruition, Padawer said he will continue to share updates. Plus, there’s even more potentially good news.

In addition to figures on the pegs, more than half of Walmart stores will have a feature full of figures — the first wave of figures includes Cody and Brandi Rhodes, Nick and Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks), Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. That feature is expected to begin showing up between Friday, August 14, and Monday, August 17, Padawer wrote.

However, he stressed “that’s a should not will. There are no wills right now.” This is an understandable caveat given the distribution issues that have hampered the planned August 3 release and the fact that there is a very real pandemic that has scuttled so many plans in 2020.

So keep an eye out for this (h/t @KingofBaltimore and @WWERetroStars).And as the tweet below notes, there wasn’t a Brandi figure on the display. That seems to be an ongoing theme.

UPDATE (August 9): Here’s another look at the featured display.


In other AEW Unrivaled news, Padawer continued to tease Sammy Guevara’s golf cart as a future set. The golf cart won a poll of ancillary items that fans want to see made.

Of course, Guevara delivered, and Padawer stoked the fires of interest by telling Jazware’s senior director of marketing Gregory Mitchell, “you know what we have to do.”

I’d settle for a non-Stadium Stampede Guevara figure first. But you gotta think that the golf cart is going to get made as much chatter there is around it.

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