WCW Nitro Stage Crowdfund 67% Funded With Less Than 18 Hours to Go

We’re in the final hours of the Mattels’ WCW Monday Nitro stage crowdfund and the project is 1,620 backers away from meeting the 5,000 units sold minimum to unlock the stag and Ultimate Edition figures of Rey Mysterio and Scott Steiner.

The crowdfund has until May 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT to reach that threshold.

The project saw a midweek surge that bumped it from 43% funded to nearly two-thirds of the way funded.

Follow this link to back the stage.

Steve Ozer, Mattel Manager of Global Brand Marketing for WWE action figures, joined the Wrestling Figure News Podcast to discuss the project and future WWE figure lines.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify and Apple or watch the interview on YouTube.

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