WCW Nitro Stage Crowdfund Ends at 78% Funded

A last minute push wasn’t enough to fund the WCW Nitro stage crowdfunding project. The stage reached 78% funded on the final day, with 3,935 backers, but fell short of the minimum 5,000 units sold needed to unlock the stage and Ultimate Edition figures of Scott Steiner and Rey Mysterio.

It’s a bummer for those of us who wanted the stage, and likely puts a dent in the hopes of larger, higher-dollar projects in the future.

Mattel will likely be looking a whether projects of this scale and price ($400) are feasible in this economic environment. The Mattel WWE team poured “hundreds” of hours into getting this project to launch, per Steve Ozer, Mattel Manager of Global Brand Marketing for WWE action figures. That’s a lot of time for a project that ultimately didn’t come to fruition.

There will be a lot of unpacking and arm-chair quarterbacking in the days ahead.


  1. I hate we’re not getting this awesome piece. Hurts doubly now that I bought an accessory piece that will now go unused.

    Not having a blink-and-you-miss-it Early Bird scuttled the necessary early push. Of course, there is cost and perceived value to consider and whatever displeased the int’l customers.

    But as I’ve said, I would gladly take this as Mattel’s final crowdfund attempt. Customer base is so fickle, so critical, so venomous, so untrustworthy as to warrant another attempt. We don’t deserve nice things.

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    1. It wasn’t that nice, they fumbled it big time. The wrestlers were not that important , that’s why it didn’t sell. If it had ultimate outsiders and a sting the mf would have souled out. They got greedy didn’t include a ring.


      1. Customer base didn’t want to pay $400 bucks for a stage? They’re so horrible 🤣


    2. I don’t like fans attacking another for not wanting to purchase due to space limitations, budget, desire to buy other things, or the lack of interest. Nobody should be bullying including this case simply because they want something for themselves. Others are not in the same position and they might have situations to deal with. These collectibles are not necessities in life. The negative remarks towards others make it a turnoff for wanting to crowdfund future projects.


      1. Thanks for being the one to say it, otherwise I would have. It’s highly ironic that the people calling out the “toxic fandom” are in themselves being toxic. Most people and most comments were upset about the high price for something that no one NEEDS in life. This is a luxury item, and most people cannot afford it right now, on top of others who don’t have room for it, or in cases like me, who doesn’t need the stage itself, but would have liked to have the Steiner or DDP. There’s so many reasons for this thing not getting funded, but it got really close.

        People just want to attack on both sides, it sucks that people who wanted it don’t get it, genuinely sorry for them. But they shouldn’t take their anger out on the few people who were just being jerks to be jerks, which, from what I saw, was very few people (and I’m being generous)


      2. That is utter nonsense. No one expects people to choose a toy entrance ring instead of food or rent, and if you have no desire for this no one is forcing you to purchase it.

        This type of response is a reflexive mechanism for the actual bullies who’ve chastised and attacked Mattel creators and collectors this entire process on a daily basis and worked their darnedest to depress excitement with their nonstop pessimism.

        If you had no interest, drop the subject. Don’t troll. Don’t armchair QB. Don’t toy that you would’ve bought in if Mattel had done literally anything else. Don’t bring out your BS degree in business. Don’t make yourself out to be a victim and tie yourself to struggling people because Mattel didn’t fulfill their desires.


  2. If you are referring to me, I have not said anything bad to Mattel. I am a proud owner of the New Gen set and New Attitude set plus I am constantly buying Elites, Legends, and Ultimates. I am a regular customer of Mattel and would say am pretty supportive of their work.

    Why are you so angry especially over a toy? It is a bummer that the Nitro set didn’t make it, but why be so angry? That how crowdfunding works. There are risks that the projects don’t go through.


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