Walmart Cancels Pre-Orders for WWE Ruthless Aggression 3, Superstars 4

Here we go again. Walmart canceled numerous collectors’ pre-orders today for WWE Ruthless Aggression Series 3, featuring Shelton Benjamin, Kevin Nash and John Cena.

Walmart didn’t stop there. The big box retailer canceled pre-orders for the WWE Superstars Series 4, featuring “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Typhoon, Mr. T and The Rock.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Walmart. The retailer has a poor track record of fulfilling WWE action figure pre-orders. That’s a problem Mattel, Walmart and collectors, who either have to hope they come across the figures in-store, get them from a third-party retailer such as Paul Mart or via eBay.

If Walmart doesn’t fix the issue, it’s going to become a much bigger headache for collectors as Mattel looks to put more exclusives in Walmart stores, including the WWE Superstars line, exclusive Ultimate Edition figures (including the Ruthless Aggression Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Brock Lesnar) and the Monday Night Wars Elites and Ultimate Edition figures in 2024.


  1. Mattel had better get with the program with the pre order sales or they will never make WWE action figures, playsets, collectables or toys ever again. The cancelation has got to stop. What is their issue?


  2. Saw that RA Kevin Nash a couple weeks ago. Have to hope the RA Ultimates are plentiful somewhere. I’m still burned from their failure on my Nada.


  3. I no like the other wrestlers I need in wanna my Kevin Nash or Diesel no matters I pay for this product in I customer the Walmart for long time is in possible now say cancelled other no I need my Kevin Nash or Diesel no matters common men’s.


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