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Podcast: Brian Pillman 6-Inch Heels & Faces, Blood & Guts CM Punk vs. MJF & WCW Nitro Crowdfund

Zombie Sailor Toys’ Heels and Faces line is getting into the modern day figure scale with Jeff Jarrett and Brian Pillman headlining wave one. Exciting possibilities await as this line fills gaps in collections.

Plus, new photos of the upcoming CM Punk vs. MJF AEW Blood & Guts 2-pack were released this week. Jazwares is filling a much-needed niche in the wrestling figure marketplace with this series that Mattel cannot. 

What’s happened with the WCW Monday Nitro entrance crowdfund since the inclusion of Scott Steiner into the base offering? Not a lot in the last week. Still, there’s time for the project to get funded. 

The show closes with a look at what’s in stores now and a mail call segment shouting out a couple of makers: Riotzoo and PWR Lucha.

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