WCW Nitro Stage 33% Funded as Early Bird Hulk Hogan Deadline Approaches

Time is running out for the early bird Hulk Hogan WWE Ultimate Edition figure to be included in the WCW Monday Nitro crowdfunding project. With a little more than 24 hours to go to unlock the early bird Hulkster, the project is 33% funded (1,654 backers). 5,000 backers are needed to get the Nitro-era Hogan by the end of tomorrow.

If 5,000 backers is achieved, not only will Hogan be unlocked but the entire stage and Rey Mysterio Ultimate Edition will also be in play with around 27 days left to go before the overall deadline (May 6).

It’s a big ask in just under 24 hours but we’ll see what happens with the Friday deadline looming.

Follow this link to back the project.


  1. Making Hogan the early bird figure was a mistake. How many Ultimate Hogans are there already? 5? 6? How about making a real WCW Icon? An Ultimate Booker T would have sold this out. Maybe an Eddie Guerrero…. Hogan has been overdone. So has Ultimate Warrior. Both of these guys are legends, but I don’t need thirty of their figures in my collection. If you want my money, give me something new.


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