WCW Nitro Stage Update: Mattel Team Gives Livestream Tour of the Entrance Stage

The deadlines are fast approaching for Mattel’s Ultimate Edition WCW Monday Nitro entrance stage crowdfund, the first being the early bird backer bonus Ultimate Edition Hulk Hogan at 5,000 buys by April 7. If the project hits that goal, the Hogan Nitro debut figure will be unlocked as will the stage and an Ultimate Edition Rey Mysterio.

However, if it’s not, the Hogan figure won’t be included in the project. With four days to go, that raises the question if this project has the juice to get Hogan to the finish line and any of the stretch goals. There’s still a long way to go, and it’s understandable that many wrestling fans’ money was tied up over WrestleMania weekend. So plunking down $400 for a massive stage that won’t be delivered for a year might have been a big ask.

Still, after the first 24 hours, the project was 21% funded, which seemed like a hot start. In the days since though, the project has only grown to 28% (more than 1,430 backers). Can the project ramp up to just under 3,600 backers in four days? That’s another big ask. Mattel will try to kickstart that effort with a livestream today at 1 p.m. PT/3 p.m. CT/4 p.m. ET. Watch it above.

Still, there’s a month to go to get the project backed at 5,000 and unlock DDP (7,000 backers), Scott Steiner (9,000 backers) and the Ultimate Warrior (11,000 backers). The current trends may not favor reaching those stretch goals, but a lot can happen in 31 days.

Follow this link to back the project.

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  1. Mattel really f’ed up by releasing this alongside a thousand other things (that are much cheaper) over the last week. Not sure whose genius idea it was to throw this into the mix with everything else because I’m afraid it backfired. At this point I don’t think we even hit the 5,000 mark. I want it, I backed it, but I also won’t shed any tears keeping my $400+S&H+tax.


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