WCW Nitro Stage Crowdfund 21% Funded After Day 1

Twenty-four hours into Mattel’s WWE crowdfunding campaign for the WCW Monday Nitro stage, 1,068 people have backed the project, 21% of the way to hitting the 5,000 orders needed to unlock the stage and an Ultimate Edition Rey Mysterio action figure.

Ultimate Edition figures of Diamond Dallas Page (7,000), Scott Steiner (9,000) and the Ultimate Warrior (11,000) unlock at various levels of commitment. Follow this link to back the project.

If the project reaches 5,000 backers by April 7, a Nitro era Hulk Hogan figure will be included in the package for all backers.

If anyone is expecting more to be added to the project, it’s not happening. Per Ozer: “We literally can’t add more. It’s loaded and we already put everything we possibly could into it from a cost perspective.”

A few additional details about the project have come out, per Ozer, including the early bird Hulk Hogan will come with a WCW “Big Gold” Championship belt. That’s right. No WWE logo on the Big Gold.

Other notes:

  • Some of the figures may come with pinless legs.
  • Scott Steiner will have a molded singlet torso. “Singlet cut has been modified from what you’re seeing in these early virtual models to be rounder like his real singlet vs the ‘V’ shape,” Ozer wrote.
  • The attires used in the project won’t be used again.
  • Hogan’s shirts include one without velcro down the front and a rippable version.
  • Warrior’s duster is from his WCW debut.

Here’s a look at renders of each figure:

There are 36 days left to back the project.. Follow the link to order.


  1. The memories are coming back! Let’s get a WCW Monday Nitro ring and a WCW Thunder stage and Ring. And a WCW entrance stage from 1999-2000 and an nWo ring.


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