Torrie Wilson & JBL WWE Ruthless Aggression Studio Photos and In-Package

The first Mattel WWE Elite Torrie Wilson action figure and an updated JBL are coming to the Walmart exclusive Ruthless Aggression line. Mattel shared studio photos and mint-on-card pictures of the two this weekend.

Both of these characters have been a long time coming. JBL from his heel champion run hasn’t appeared in the Elite line since wave 23. This would have been a good opportunity to give JBL an updated torso but that’s not happening.

As for Wilson, she’s a first-time-in-the-line figure.

Here’s a look at each.



1 comment

  1. Americana JBL is one I’ve been wanting for quite a while. And a better headscan that hopefully can be popped onto his older fig. Still wish for a fuller torso.


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