WWE Monday Night Wars Elites Digital Renders

Monday Night Wars Elites will replace the Ruthless Aggression line in 2024 at Walmart stores. The first wave was shown off this weekend and digital renders revealed today. The first lineup includes Scott Hall, “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan (from his post-heel turn Nitro attire), “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (with can of whoop ass) and The Undertaker, with Lex Luger, with puffy shirt from his surprise Nitro return, as the build-a-figure.

I’m stoked about this line … however, a couple of things are concerning about this line. For starters, Scott Hall’s pants and boots are not accurate to his “you want a war” Canadian tuxedo look. Hopefully this can be fixed ahead of time as Mattel should have the parts (Roman Reigns lower legs?).

The second issue: Walmart’s distribution is less than stellar. The company’s pre-order process is also rough, with many orders going unfulfilled.

Nevertheless, this line has a ton of potential. Here’s a look at colored in renders.


  1. I cannot stand the baggy jeans mold … don’t remember 90s wrestlers wearing baggy jeans…. Ever! Not on Monday night wars. Austin, ddp, hhh,nwo,goldberg….. only rock and McMahon wore slacks . And hogan wore those giant Jnco jeans once. Scrap that mold


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