WCW Monday Nitro Stage Crowdfund Goes Live March 29; Here’s What You Need to Know

The WCW Monday Nitro scale entrance stage — the next Mattel WWE crowdfund — will go live Wednesday, March 29, at noon ET.

Here are the main details of the project.

The project, if successful in getting 5,000 backers by May 5, will cost $400.

  • 5,000 backers unlocks the stage and a WCW era Rey Mysterio Ultimate Edition figure with soft goods entrance robe, swappable heads and hands. This is the bare minimum to do the project;
  • However, if the stage reaches 5,000 backers by April 7, an early bird bonus Ultimate Edition Hulk Hogan figure will be unlocked. The figure comes with two soft goods shirts, two bandanas, two sets of wrist bands, a weight belt, swappable heads and hands, and WCW Heavyweight Championship.
  • 7,000 backers unlocks an Ultimate Edition Diamond Dallas Page figure, with entrance vest, WCW microphone, swappable heads and hands;
  • 9,000 backers unlocks an Ultimate Edition Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner figure, with sunglasses, WCW United States Championship, swappable heads and hands;
  • 11,000 backers unlocks an Ultimate Edition Ultimate Warrior with soft goods entrance duster, WCW microphone, swappable heads and hands.

Note, those figures will be packaged in the standard Ultimate Edition packaging but with WCW logos.

If the project succeeds, it will ship in the summer of 2024. Credit cards won’t be charged unless the project hits 5,000 buyers by May 5, although a pending charge will appear on cards. There are funding options to pay in four installments, such as PayPal, Shop and Klarna.

Follow this link to order starting Wednesday.

What comes with the stage?

  • Entrance tunnel lit by over 100 LEDs with 6 pre-programmed animated sequences, controlled by remote;
  • Four sets of adjustable can lights for different lighting angles;
  • Entrance tunnel features two authentic Monday Nitro signs;
  • Two premium fabric WCW Monday Nitro banners, authentically scaled and textured WCW letter blocks;
  • Realistic metallic colored grating on stage and ramp;
  • Removable and repositionable entrance ramp.

More to come on this project. It all begins in less than 24 hours.

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