WCW Nitro Stage is the Next WWE Crowdfund w/ Hulk Hogan, DDP, Rey Mysterio, Scott Steiner & Ultimate Warrior

Here’s the official word from Mattel and the link to the website. More to come:

Relive the Monday Night Wars of the 1990s with this epic crowdfund! This collector scale entrance stage features a modular stage platform with authentic weathering deco for added realism. It also has special lighting effects, textured WCW entrance logos, and two premium fabric WCW Monday Nitro banners. Get hyped, fund the playset, unlock the tiers and recreate your favorite classic Monday Nitro moments.

  • WWE® Ultimate Edition WCW Monday Nitro™ Entrance Stage
  • H 20.5 inches x W 40 inches x D 20 inches (31 inches with ramp)
  • Authentically scaled to all WWE Elite and Ultimate Edition figures
  • Entrance tunnel lit by over 100 LEDs with 6 pre-programmed animated sequences, controlled by remote
  • Four sets of adjustable can lights for different lighting angles
  • Entrance tunnel features two authentic Monday Nitro signs
  • Two premium fabric WCW Monday Nitro banners, authentically scaled and textured WCW letter blocks
  • Realistic metallic colored grating on stage and ramp
  • Removable and repositionable entrance ramp
  • All bonus figures feature 30 points of articulation, additional hands and heads, and entrance gear
  • Premium packaging themed to WCW and the Monday Night Wars era
  • Only available through this crowdfund

This iconic collection is a love letter to fans of the classic Monday Night Wars, so join today and be a part of Monday Night history. Don’t forget to share the crowdfund with your fellow WWE fanatics and help bring the WCW Monday Nitro Entrance Stage to life.

@ 5,000 backers you unlock the Entrance Stage with an Ultimate Edition Rey Mysterio™ figure

@ 7,000 backers, everyone receives an Ultimate Edition Diamond Dallas Page™ figure along with their Entrance Stage and Rey Mysterio figure

@ 9,000 backers, the Ultimate Edition Scott Steiner™ figure is brought to the Entrance Stage with the Rey Mysterio and DDP figures.

@ 11,000 backers, the Ultimate Edition Ultimate Warrior® is added to the Entrance Stage along with the Rey Mysterio, DDP, and Scott Steiner figures.

Early Funding Bonus: if we reach 5,000 early backers between March 29 and April 7, everyone receives an Ultimate Edition WCW Nitro Debut Hulk Hogan™ figure

This crowdfund ends on May 5, so join today to back this realistic collectors’ item. Learn more about this entrance stage below, check out our FAQ and get a part of Monday Night history!

©2023 Mattel
© 2023 WWE.  All Rights Reserved. 

 Hulk Hogan® is a trademark and service mark licensed by WWE.


  1. He was scaring me quite a bit, going on about how expensive this would be. At the $500 mark, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain a method to purchase one. Unless shipping is a quarter of the price (surely it can’t be, can it?), this incredibly doable.


    1. Yeah same here. I started wondering if this thing was going upwards of 4 digits by how he was talking. This $400 price point is totally reasonable. My guess on shipping is $35-50 but I wouldn’t be shocked to see it higher. You never know sometimes with these guys.


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