Steiner Brothers WWE Action Figures Coming Soon; Updates on Referees, NXT Stars, Hogan’s Skin Tone, & Playsets

The first Mattel WWE figures of the Steiner Brothers will be coming soon, the Mattel WWE team of Steve Ozer and Robert Rudman revealed during today’s Ringside Fest Q&A.

The inclusion of one of the most iconic tag teams of all time opens up so many possibilities for tag team looks from both WCW and WWF, as well as singles looks, such as Scott Steiner’s nWo/Big Poppa Pump run.

The Steiners are a major check off collectors’ wish lists. Hopefully, they come sooner than later so they don’t get Jeff Jarretted.

“We have the Steiner Brothers,” Ozer Said. “We have both Steiner Brothers.

“Multiple figures across multiple lines,” he added. “The second both were signed, we got to work. More to come on exactly where you’ll see them first and how you’ll see them, but they are coming.”

Rudman called them “bucket-list” figures. “So many possibilities,” he added.

Ozer teased that more first-time-in-the-line legends are on the way too.

Other news coming out of today’s reveals:

  • NXT stars will be returning to the WWE Elite line — hopefully Bron Steiner — Breakker. However, an NXT line is unlikely in the near future but is an option in the future;
  • In regards to Hogan’s skin tone changing from release to release, Ozer “dodged a little bit” but noted that Hogan’s skin tone changes throughout the years. As for torso choices, ones that have been used maintain Hogan’s height. Nevertheless, a new torso is in the works for post-WrestleMania 9 Hogans but it won’t be out until 2024. The skin tone will also be addressed for later career Hogan figures;
  • Drop-down hips will predominantly be featured in the Ultimate line, with a few exceptions;
  • No changes are coming to Ultimate Edition standard packaging for at least the next two years, although there may be graphic changes;
  • Older figures can be revisited and plussed up. Basic figures can be released with sought after accessories. Accessory packs is something Ozer wants to avoid. He’d rather release a figure than the pack, such as the revisiting of the Defining Moments Ultimate Warrior that was made into an Ultimate Edition;
  • Standalone playsets such as backstage playsets are not off the table, but a retailer needs to seek them out;
  • Referee figures are near the top of Ozer’s checklist and he thinks they are close to coming to fruition.

Side note: Congratulations to Ozer, aka Action Figure Attack, on five years at Mattel working on the WWE line. Ozer is an amazing advocate for WWE collectors, and we’re lucky to have him.

Watch the full Q&A below:


  1. The rings are just a bit too big, and the other ones are too small. I wish they would make one in the middle. Steiners are so cool. Barbarian would be nice, King Kong Bundy, koko b ware, Wahoo McDaniel for Legends. Nikita Koloff. PowerTown is gonna get into the market if Mattel doesn’t. Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody will be interesting, and we all know Mattel does it best.


    1. Mattel has made an elite King Kong Bundy way back when. I still want a buddy Rogers, prefer the 1st WWWF title belt (they could just put wwe on it, whatever) to make it a total dream come true type figure. Or Morales. BAD NEWS BROWN!!! And the first ever action figure of two time (one WWWF, one NWA) world tag team champion, Dino Bravo? A Sandman with an ECW title, Storm and Credible with a pair of the tags…..Johnny B. Badd with the cape, headband, and t.v. title would look cool. And Ultimo Dragon!!! But yeah… STEINER BROS!! Fuck yeah!


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