AEW Action Figure News Coming in Early 2023, ‘Big 2023’ Promised

The lull in AEW action figure news and lack of pre-orders will likely switch to a rush of introductions in early 2023. Jazwares chief brand officer Jeremy Padawer urged collectors in the AEW figure community to “watch for new waves, rollouts and ship timing after first of year. We have a big 2023 coming.”

We have an idea of what those lineups will look like, although much like a wrestling card, those lineups are subject to change.

Nevertheless, it appears our wallets have a reprieve until the new year. Save up.

The lack of AEW figure news over the last couple of months had led to concern about the future of the line. Padawer later quelled some of those fears. His own lack of communication in recent months may — or may not, this just speculation — have something to do with multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway acquiring Alleghany Corp, an insurance business whose subsidiary, Alleghany Capital Corp, owns Jazwares.

Sometimes transactions such as this lead to a cutback in spending. Now that the transaction is done (it closed in October), maybe business is about to pick up, as JR would say.


  1. Hey Jeremy how about a good line of basic aew figures in 3.75 scale. I really appreciate what You did with build n brawl, but the figures need to be better quality ( like Mattel’s 3.75 Jurassic park line). Please, no ball joints!


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