Pre-Order Bonanza! WWE Elite 100 & 101, Ultimate Edition 16, Top Picks Elites 2023, Championship Showdown

Several pre-orders hit last week. Here’s the rundown, starting with WWE Elite 100.

WWE Elite 100: Andre The Giant, John Cena, Becky Lynch, Rey Mysterio, “Stunning Steve Austin, & The Rock

Ringside Collectibles has the full set of six for $178.99 plus shipping (get 10% off with code wfigs). Individual figures are $29.99, with the exception of chase Andre The Giant (in Hulk Hogan’s Rock N Wrestling suit) for $39.99. These are expected in early January.

Wrestling Collector Shop offers each figure individually with Andre, Austin, Lynch and The Rock for $25.99 and Mysterio and Cena for $24.99. Chase Andre is $34.99. Get 10% off with code T4L. These ship in January.

WWE Elite 101: Mr. America, Cody Rhodes, Sonya Deville, Johnny Knoxville, Ricochet & Kevin Owens

Ringside offers the set of six for $179.99 plus shipping. Cody, Owens, Sonya and Ricochet go for $29.99 each, while Mr. America and Knoxville run $31.99. The chase Mr. America will cost you $44.99. These are expected in late January.

Wrestling Collector Shop offers Rhodes and Owens for $25.99, and Sonya, Knoxville, Mr. America and Ricochet for $26.99. The Mr. America chase is sold out for now but it would go for $34.99. These are expected in February.

WWE Ultimate Edition 16: Razor Ramon (with chase) and AJ Styles

Ringside is offering the two regular edition figures for $76.99, or regular edition Styles and Ramon for $38.99 and chase Razor (purple) for $46.99. Regular edition figures are slated for late February while the chase is backordered until late March.

Wrestling Collector Shop offers these for $36.99 each for the regular series and $46.99 for the chase Razor, which is currently sold out.

Elite Top Picks 2023: Bobby Lashley, John Cena & Ronda Rousey

Ringside is offering each figure for $29.99 or the set of three for $87.99.

WWE Series 137: Aliyah, Austin Theory Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Commander Azeez

Ringside is offering the set for $79.99, or Azeez and Aliyah for $13.99 each, and the other three for $15.99 each.

Top Picks 2023: The Rock, AJ Styles & Brock Lesnar

Ringside offers the set of three for $44.99, or AJ and The Rock for $14.99 each or Brock Lesnar for $16.99.

Championship Showdown 2-packs: Alexa Bliss & Charlotte, Big E & Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton and Matt Riddle

Ringside offers the set for $87.99, or each 2-pack for $29.99.


  1. Let’s get Chris and Nancy Benoit (Woman), Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Crash Holly and Test reintroduced along with Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit’s persona) and the Dynamite Kid.


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