Cody Rhodes AEW Supreme Walmart Exclusive Coming in Q4

Adrenaline, in my soul, Jazwares is going to keep pumping out, Cody Rhodes action figures, whoa oh.

Just when you thought Jazwares was done making Cody Rhodes figures, welp, here comes one more to close out the year. Walmart will receive a Supreme Collection exclusive figure in the fourth quarter of 2022 (October, November December) that is different than the Series 1 figure that came out earlier this year, according to Wrestling Figure News Network (WFNN).

The Walmart exclusive Supreme Cody appears to include two new ring gear variants, a different cloth shirt, and a different weight belt (this one in black). Credit WFNN for sharing the photos via its Instagram page.

The fact that Walmart is picking up Supreme variants isn’t a surprise, after seeing the Kenny Omega exclusive this past weekend. However, Cody still getting figures via Jazwares is a bit of a surprise given his departure from AEW to WWE.

Hopefully Jazwares has tightened up the joints of these figures as the alternate legs on my Supreme 1 Cody were super loose at the knee joint on the left leg.

Guessing the price point on these will be north of $40. Stay tuned for more info.

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